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We are passionate about music. We believe people spend their hard earned cash on high-end audio components to get greater pleasure from their music collection and in their lives. We believe your stereo should sound as natural, as alive and as true to the original recording as possible. We want people to get amazing sound in their home – making you feel like you are right there, live! Experiencing the excitement. The manufactures we work with creates audio components that offers the ultimate musical experience – again and again and again. Enjoy!


Best Sound Munich 2019 – Enjoy The Music

bg2-2 bg2-2 This room was sourced by either the world premiere of Slovenia-based Pear Audio Blue’s Odar turntable, with the 12-inch Pear Audio Blue Cornet 2 arm, and separate power supply & platform ($18,000), fitted with a Top Wing ( I warned you, they were everywhere) Blue Dragon cartridge ($12,000), using Great Britain’s Chord Symphonic phonostage ($4,495), or the […]

GamuT, Larsen, and Pear Audio Win TAS Editors Choice 2017 Awards

GamuT, Larsen, and Pear Audio Win TAS Editors Choice 2017 Awards

bg2-2 bg2-2 GamuT, Larsen, and Pear Audio Win TAS Editors Choice 2017 Awards

GamuT’s RS7i – Stereophile Review

bg2-2 bg2-2 Danish manufacturer GamuT Audio’s patchy history in the US includes a succession of distributors that failed to establish the brand here. But in 2014 GamuT tapped Michael Vamos to spearhead their own US-based distribution company, which is now energetically promoting the company’s products. That change coincided with my auditioning, at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Audio […]

Gamut Superior RS3i

bg2-2 bg2-2 My first encounter with a top-model Gamut two-way stand-mounted speaker, the L3, was at a friend’s house about eight years ago. It performed well in my friend’s system and also in my own system, as my friend was kind enough to let me borrow the pair for a few days. The current RS3i’s predecessor, the […]

The Munich High-End Show 2018, Part 2, and Audio Oasis! Awards

bg2-2 bg2-2 Munich 2018, or “What the hell was that?!” Fair warning:  This is not going to be a standard show report, whatever that is. There are plenty of audio scribes, showgoers, bloggers, and videographers running around high-end audio shows these days. There are tons of articles, postings, discussions, YouTube videos, bloggo-blather, and camera dumps going on, […]