Gamut Superior RS3i

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My first encounter with a top-model Gamut two-way stand-mounted speaker, the L3, was at a friend’s house about eight years ago. It performed well in my friend’s system and also in my own system, as my friend was kind enough to let me borrow the pair for a few days. The current RS3i’s predecessor, the S3, sounded gorgeous when I heard it at the Gamut headquarters in Årre, Denmark, in 2012. However, the new RS3i is a complete redesign of the S3. Only the general cabinet shape and size are similar to the S3.

Gamut’s Benno Meldgaard has taken over the design work—both for speakers and electronics—from Lars Gollar. I admire and respect Gollar’s contributions to Gamut over the years, but I will say that whatever Meldgaard is now doing to take those designs further is well worth a fresh listen. If the demos of the RS3i, RS5, and RS7 at the 2015 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest are indicative of Gamut’s new efforts, I am impressed. After living with the RS3i for several months now, I am doubly impressed.

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