GamuT’s RS7i – Stereophile Review

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Danish manufacturer GamuT Audio’s patchy history in the US includes a succession of distributors that failed to establish the brand here. But in 2014 GamuT tapped Michael Vamos to spearhead their own US-based distribution company, which is now energetically promoting the company’s products. That change coincided with my auditioning, at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, of GamuT’s two-and-a-half-way RS5 tower loudspeaker ($31,900/pair). I was sufficiently impressed that I asked to review it—but then, at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, I experienced the RS7This was the GamuT speaker I wanted to spend some time with, and at the end of March, GamuT’s R&D manager, Benno Meldgaard, joined Michael Vamos in setting up a pair of RS7s in my listening room.

The Revised Superior 7
Costing $39,900/pair, the RS7 is basically the same as the RS5, but with a second woofer mounted above the tweeter on the sloped-back baffle, to complete a full three-way design standing just over 4′ tall. The midrange driver is mounted several inches below the tweeter, with the first woofer below that. The woofers are loaded with two slightly flared, metal-lined ports, 2″ in diameter, halfway up the narrow rear panel.