North American distributor, Michael Vamos

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Usually we showcase with the Kid Thomas turntable, but at the NY audio show, we used GamuT Di150 LE integrated Dual-mono integrated amp, GamuT amazing RS3 speaker, all GamuT Reference cables, the Kid Howard/Cornet 2 turntable/tonearm and the Pear Audio Reference phono stage and was awarded Best Sound:
“North American distributor, Michael Vamos, was not only one of the best for sound at the show, but could be ranked in my top 100 exhibit rooms of the thousands of rooms I’ve visited at audio shows over the years. GamuT RS3 loudspeakers with big and natural sound along with the Gamut integrated amp and Pear Audio Turntable. Santana’s Abraxas album – never heard it sound better. Sensational. Every instrument was separated and in its proper place. Little speakers, huge sound with the bass perfectly integrated. Imaging at its best.”

AV Showrooms, Dec 2015